Getting Rich!!!

Getting Rich!!!

I want to be rich, do you?  Heck yes!  No more working at a job that zaps time and energy.  We could take that dream vacation!  The things money can buy!  I encourage you to close your eyes for a moment and imagine the feeling of inheriting $1,000,000.  Oh man, that would bring so much happiness! 

Captives Set Free Psychiatry hopes to help make many people rich!  Unfortunately, monetary money cannot buy hope, stability, or love.  Nor can it buy peace of mind.  Only inner riches can buy confidence to tackle the complexities of life. 

It seems even those with great monetary wealth still struggle to attain this slippery concept of inner riches.  What is cool is that inner riches are available to everyone regardless of personality, class, or circumstance. 

How?  Oprah Winfrey calls it self-esteem, but I call it God-esteem.  The difference being depending on God living inside the spirit instead of self to help fill the sense of lack within.  Instead of feeling poor inside or feeling inadequate, it is possible to gain wealth. 

What quality within would make one feel rich?  Confidence, being enough, handling difficulty, finding a way to shine, and standing up for yourself?  Write down a list of inner riches to begin accumulating them. 

Oprah suggests when lapsing into self-pity and inadequacy that you invest proactive measures to turn that situation around.  Write down a way to fill it.  Be proactive and positive.  Only action based on what you stand for and who you are fills a sense of lack. 

Captives Set Free Psychiatry encourages attainment of true inner riches!  Truly feeling like a child of the Richest King in heaven and earth surely makes a world of difference in the matters of wealth.  Peace to you and Merry Christmas.