How To Know If I Need Help

Depression – Loss of pleasure and sadness is common in our society today. But when sadness does not lift, and pleasurable activities no longer bring you joy, you may need to seek help. If there has been a recent mood change, difficulty sleeping, sleeping all day, or feeling hopeless, you may also need to seek help. If thinking about harming yourself or someone else, call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.


Anxiety is a normal healthy emotion when the emotion is vented in healthy ways, such as causing you to become proactive and implement healthy coping mechanisms. But if anxiety paralyzes you and becomes overwhelming, excessive, and persistent (lasting over six months), you may need help. Excessive fears, panic attacks, and behavioral disturbances are reasons to seek help.


Bipolar – Fluctuation between feeling happy and angry or irritable throughout the day is normal. Many of us struggle with regulating our emotions. But when these mood swings affect your job, family, and personal life, it is time to seek help.