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Learn How to Cope with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Illinois

Every human in our world is unique, each with their own loves, passions, and challenges they must face. And for some, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is one such challenge to contend with. ASD often exhibits itself on a wide range of different ability levelsand is found in 1 of every 54 children. However, with the right learning tools and coping methods, ASD can be managed successfully. Talk with Captive Set Free today to discover the best options for you or your children.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism spectrum disorder, previously known as Asperger’s syndrome, is a lifelong developmental condition. Individuals with ASD often experience challenges with social communication, restricted interests and repetitive behavior. While ASD is typically identified and diagnosed in children at a young age, it can also be diagnosed in adults.

Symptoms Associated with ASD

By the time a child reaches 2 or 3 years old, symptoms of ASD become more consistent and easier to identify. Social impairments, however, might not become prevalent until your children enter a school setting and begin to interact with peers. Either way, potential symptoms fall under two categories and include:

  • Social
    • Avoidance of eye contact
    • Lack of facial expressions
    • Does not use hand gestures (pointing, waving, etc.)
    • Lack of interests shared with peers
    • Difficulty understanding other’s emotions or feelings
  • Restricted or Repetitive Behavior
    • Overly focused on particular subjects
    • Stereotypical movements (flapping, rocking, spinning)
    • Particular arrangement of items or toys
    • Extreme difficulty coping with change
    • Sensory hypersensitivity

What Causes ASD?

Currently, there are no known causes for autism spectrum disorder. However, research suggests that ASD is primarily the result of genetics. Additionally, children born to older parents or who have a sibling with ASD are more likely to have the disorder themselves. Furthermore, over the past two decades, extensive research has been conducted on whether or not childhood vaccinations can be linked to autism. The results of this research have led to the conclusion that vaccinations do not, in fact, cause autism spectrum disorder.

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How We Can Help

While ASD is something you or your children will have to contend with for the remainder of your lives, it can be managed. When talking with Sherri Bowald of Captive Set Free, she can help identify a child’s functional challenges and create a plan for improving adaptive skills and minimizing harmful or inappropriate behavior. And alongside providing the proper training and therapy, we can potentially prescribe medication that addresses some ASD-related symptoms.

Sherri Bowald, a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, offers her services via telehealth or otherwise throughout Illinois. And if looking for assistance managing other mental health issues, such as depression, bipolar disorder, and more, you can contact us today at 309-843-8430. Or, we are available via email at