The Spiritual Component of Becoming

The Spiritual Component of Becoming

One of the spiritual components in healthcare is the discipline of “becoming.” At Captives Set Free Psychiatry, the prescription of medication for mood issues and disorders may be a piece of the puzzle. The medication treats neurotransmitters in the brain. It is a medical or physical answer to many disorders related to one’s moods which affects thoughts and behaviors.

At Captives Set Free Psychiatry, this practice seeks to combine faith and psychiatry. Recovery and being set free from mental health disease will never cease being a dream and goal of this practice. Healing can take place through answered prayer. It can also take place through medicine and therapy.

Matthew Stanford approaches mental illness with a clinical and biblical approach. His book entitled, “Grace for the Afflicted”, encapsulates his approach of faith and psychiatry by stating, “Whether God chooses to heal us or supply us with sustaining grace, we can rest in knowing he is sovereign over all things and he cares for us.”

What if healing does not come? What is this grace one can rest in all about? It is in becoming. Apostle Paul suffered with a thorn in the flesh. He said he stands joyfully and confidently in grace looking forward to becoming all that God has intended.

I encourage those of you struggling to find your healing to see it as an opportunity and invitation to pursue and seek God’s heart for you. Scripture is clear that He is close to the hurting and broken-hearted. His grace is sufficient. Ask yourself, “How can this pain be processed to help me BECOME what God has intended for me to BECOME?”